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Vancouver Foundation

"Our 2017 Connect Engage Report is out now!"
"The system of addiction treatment in BCisn’t broken, because there is no system. At least, not one that is effective and equally accessible to all.”
“Thinking of creating a private foundation?”
"Update on our Field of Interest Grants program."

Need more inspiration? Last year, we celebrated World Fringe Day by asking Fringe alumni to film themselves talking about their favourite memories from the Fringe, and why they love the Festival. Check out their responses ! We’d love to hear from you!

There’s still time to help us win $10,000! Photo by Chris Shrubsall.

Do you want to donate to the Fringe AND help us win $10,000? There’s still time—but not much!

There’s only two more days left in this year’s Great Canadian Giving Challenge! You can help the Fringe enter a draw to win $10,000 (thanks to the Meline EBE womens Mid Boots in Discount Wholesale Price Free Shipping Marketable Clearance Pay With Visa 1YNfscT8
!) by donating a minimum of $3 through our Lola Cruz Satin Sandals With Glittered Star Detail Buy Cheap Comfortable Sale Get Authentic For Nice For Sale Cheap Sale Pick A Best Discount Great Deals IzxLb76ZtG
or Dr Martens Womens Vegan Blaire Strappy Flatform Sandals 2018 Buy Cheap Nicekicks Discount With Credit Card sbap1iN
page. Donate now—you only have until June 30, 2018, at 11:59:59pm Pacific Daylight Time!

But there’s more: if you donate $25 or more, we’ll show you some love in the Program Guide AND on donor recognition boards at the Festival. We’d like to thank everyone who donated to us in the Giving Challenge so far. Every dollar you Windsor Womens INES Flip Flops Cheap Sale Wiki ycDXHDof
gives us a better chance of winning the draw!

The Fringe New Play Prize , awarded in partnership with Playwrights Theatre Centre , provides dramaturgical support, creation and rehearsal space, and a Fringe Mainstage spot! This year, Anaïs West and Sara Vickruck received the award for their slam poetry musical, Poly Queer Love Ballad ! In this Dispatch, Anaïs and Sara chat with dramaturg Joanna Garfinkel about building a musical as they gear up for Poly Queer Love Ballad ’s premiere at the Fringe.

Anaïs West and Sara Vickruck are the 2018 winners of the Fringe New Play Prize and will be part of the Fringe Mainstage this September!

Joanna : I have had the great fortune to be working with Anaïs West and Sara Vickruck on Poly Queer Love Ballad since November. This process has combined script sessions, studio workshops and music development, and has allowed me the opportunity to draw from my music and poetry past(s) as well as from my current collaborative model of dramaturgical development.


It’s been so gratifying to work with Anaïs and Sara and their play that presents a queer narrative with great jokes, songs that won’t get out of your head, and a frankly sexy vision frequently dismissed from the mainstream lens of womens’ relationships.

How to build a musical:

Sara : With “ Alternative Lifestyle Haircut ,” I was fooling around with genres and had been watching a Jack Johnson riff on Youtube. Playing off that sound, I came up with a smooth melody feel. The chorus came first: (sings) “oooh girl,” and then developed a bit of the verse…it was trying to fit all these ideas we wanted, in the melodic form we had. Then, Anaïs and I collaborated on the lyrics.

Anaïs : We asked “how do we put important narrative points in, apart from the fun queer culture part?” and we sat in a room and asked “what about this rhyme?” And bounced them off each other.

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UNLABELLED: The 2005 consensus proposal for the classification of hepatitis C virus (HCV) presented an agreed and uniform nomenclature for HCV variants and the criteria for their assignment into genotypes and subtypes. Since its publication, the available dataset of HCV sequences has vastly expanded through advancement in nucleotide sequencing technologies and an increasing focus on the role of HCV genetic variation in disease and treatment outcomes. The current study represents a major update to the previous consensus HCV classification, incorporating additional sequence information derived from over 1,300 (near-)complete genome sequences of HCV available on public databases in May 2013. Analysis resolved several nomenclature conflicts between genotype designations and using consensus criteria created a classification of HCV into seven confirmed genotypes and 67 subtypes. There are 21 additional complete coding region sequences of unassigned subtype. The study additionally describes the development of a Web resource hosted by the International Committee for Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) that maintains and regularly updates tables of reference isolates, accession numbers, and annotated alignments ( The Flaviviridae Study Group urges those who need to check or propose new genotypes or subtypes of HCV to contact the Study Group in advance of publication to avoid nomenclature conflicts appearing in the literature. While the criteria for assigning genotypes and subtypes remain unchanged from previous consensus proposals, changes are proposed in the assignment of provisional subtypes, subtype numbering beyond "w," and the nomenclature of intergenotypic recombinant. CONCLUSION: This study represents an important reference point for the consensus classification of HCV variants that will be of value to researchers working in clinical and basic science fields.

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In January to February 2014, 16 hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) cases were identified in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. All presented with atypical features, with most (n=13) resembling eczema herpeticum or chickenpox. Coxsackievirus A6 (CV-A6) was identified in all the typed cases (n=11). As atypical forms of HFMD associated with CV-A6 are likely to emerge throughout Europe, clinicians should be alert to unusual clinical presentations of HFMD and virologists aware of effective diagnostic testing and enterovirus typing methods.

Siebrasse EA , Nguyen NL , Smith C , Simmonds P , Wang D . 2014. Immunohistochemical detection of KI polyomavirus in lung and spleen. Virology , 468-470 pp. 178-184. | Cheap OSKLEN Panelled sneakers Real Sale Online Pictures Cheap Price Free Shipping Enjoy Cheap Sale For Nice OwWYhvq1
| Read more

Little is known about the tissue tropism of KI polyomavirus (KIPyV), and there are no studies to date describing any specific cell types it infects. The limited knowledge of KIPyV tropism has hindered study of this virus and understanding of its potential pathogenesis in humans. We describe tissues from two immunocompromised patients that stained positive for KIPyV antigen using a newly developed immunohistochemical assay targeting the KIPyV VP1 (KVP1) capsid protein. In the first patient, a pediatric bone marrow transplant recipient, KVP1 was detected in lung tissue. Double immunohistochemical staining demonstrated that approximately 50% of the KVP1-positive cells were CD68-positive cells of the macrophage/monocyte lineage. In the second case, an HIV-positive patient, KVP1 was detected in spleen and lung tissues. These results provide the first identification of a specific cell type in which KVP1 can be detected and expand our understanding of basic properties and in vivo tropism of KIPyV.

Servant-Delmas A , Laperche S , Lionnet F , Sharp C , Simmonds P , Lefrère J-J . 2014. Human parvovirus 4 infection in low- and high-risk French individuals. Transfusion , 54 (3), pp. 744-745. | Read more
Nishiyama S , Dutia BM , Stewart JP , Meredith AL , Shaw DJ , Simmonds P , Sharp CP . 2014. Identification of novel anelloviruses with broad diversity in UK rodents. J Gen Virol , 95 (Pt 7), pp. 1544-1553. | Show Abstract | Tods Patent Gommino Driving Shoes Real juC7HCGRYa

Anelloviruses are a family of small circular ssDNA viruses with a vast genetic diversity. Human infections with the prototype anellovirus, torque teno virus (TTV), are ubiquitous and related viruses have been described in a number of other mammalian hosts. Despite over 15 years of investigation, there is still little known about the pathogenesis and possible disease associations of anellovirus infections, arising in part due to the lack of a robust cell culture system for viral replication or tractable small-animal model. We report the identification of diverse anelloviruses in several species of wild rodents. The viruses are highly prevalent in wood mice (Apodemus sylvaticus) and field voles (Microtus agrestis), detectable at a low frequency in bank voles (Myodes glareolus), but absent from house mice (Mus musculus). The viruses identified have a genomic organization consistent with other anelloviruses, but form two clear phylogenetic groups that are as distinct from each other as from defined genera.

Citation information in Europe Pubmed Central

Non-primate hepacivirus (NPHV), equine pegivirus (EPgV) and Theiler's disease associated virus (TDAV) are newly discovered members of two genera in the Flaviviridae family, Hepacivirus and Pegivirus respectively, that include human hepatitis C virus (HCV) and human pegivirus (HPgV). To investigate their epidemiology, persistence and clinical features of infection, large cohorts of horses and other mammalian species were screened for NPHV, EPgV and TDAV viraemia and for past exposure through serological assays for NPHV and EPgV-specific antibodies. NPHV antibodies were detected in 43% of 328 horses screened for antibodies to NS3 and core antibodies, of which three were viraemic by PCR. All five horses that were stablemates of a viraemic horse were seropositive, as was a dog on the same farm. With this single exception, all other species were negative for NPHV antibodies and viraemia: donkeys (n=100), dogs (n=112), cats (n=131), non-human primates (n=164) and humans (n=362). EPgV antibodies to NS3 were detected in 66.5% of horses, including 10 of the 12 horses that had EPgV viraemia. All donkey samples were negative for EPgV antibody and RNA. All horse and donkey samples were negative for TDAV RNA. By comparing viraemia frequencies in horses with and without liver disease, no evidence was obtained that supported an association between active NPHV and EPgV infections with hepatopathy. The study demonstrates that NPHV and EPgV infections are widespread and enzootic in the study horse population and confirms that NPHV and potentially EPgV have higher frequencies of viral clearance than HCV and HPgV infections in humans.

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Manuscripts in the Curriculum

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Program Description

For anyone studying the Middle Ages, there is no substitute for hands-on experience of actual medieval manuscripts. Les Enluminures has come up with an entirely new idea. We are sponsoring a program to enable colleges, universities, and other educational institutions in North America to borrow a select group of original manuscripts of a very wide range dating from the thirteenth century onwards to be used for teaching. The program makes this material available for exhibition and classroom use during a segment of the academic year (semester, quarter, or summer session). Although public display of the manuscripts is encouraged, central to the philosophy of the new program is the integration of real manuscripts into the curriculum in courses where students can work closely with original material under the guidance of a professor.

The pilot program runs for three years, starting in January 2017. There are three loan periods annually. There is a nominal cost only to contribute towards the out-of-pocket expenses of the program. The fee covers: insurance, shipping, exhibition materials (archival cradles), labels, study guides, and one-time participation of one of our specialists.

One of the international specialists of Les Enluminureswill visit each campus during the loan period to deliver either a public lecture or an in-depth seminar (or both) of the choosing of the institution. Following the visit, we will offer a brief analysis of the collection, identifying its strengths and suggesting strategies for collection building tailored to the program’s needs. The original manuscripts are accompanied by study guides and full descriptions to be used at the discretion of the professor(s). To encourage student participation, Les Enluminures will award the author of the best student paper a small cash prize and an opportunity to contribute to our blog.

For further information, please contact:

For further information, please contact:


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